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Hospitality Investment, Development, and Management at Its Best

SPAN offers one of a kind expertise and resources to deliver revenue driven results to its investors.  With over 25 years’ experience in acquiring, building, and managing award winning properties, the SPAN team provides end to end oversight and project management to deliver one of a kind results.


SPAN Quick Facts

  • Over 50 years of combined experience

  • Over 12 properties under management

  • Over 15 industry awards and recognitions

Success through Integration, Teamwork, and Relationships

As a business run by family’s strength and skills, SPAN believes that relationships are central to success. The word ‘span’ means from end to end and this concept of a community and integration applies to every aspect of how SPAN runs its business from its relationships with employees, to connections with guests, to investor communications.

SPAN's mission
Delivering Excellence Through Teamwork: Every Project, Every property, Every time.

Our Mission

SPAN is committed to delivering excellence to our owners, investors, and guests through teamwork. For our investors, this means a laser focus on long term results, value, and growth.  For our guests, this means exceptional hospitality experiences. With end-to-end oversight of every step in the lifespan of a project, SPAN bridges the gap between investors, real estate development opportunities, and unparalleled hospitality management services that benefits investors and communities.


Our Vision

By 2025 SPAN wants to be the premier hotel investment group in the mid-south.

We will:

  • Operate 12 premium brand hotels ranked in the top 10% of their respective brands with 100% market penetration
  • Make coming to work fun and enjoy able for their associates
  • Deliver Net Operating Income (EBITDA) of 30% of revenue
  • Achieve a minimum of 95% guest satisfaction and 95% associate satisfaction


SPAN’s mission to provide excellence is driven and supported by our core values.


Transparency in Communication

We believe that transparency in communication is key to our success. We strive for transparency by setting measurable expectations and goals and by providing reporting and feedback to our team and investors.

Data Driven Decision Making

We believe that good decisions are only as good as the data you use in the decision-making process.  At SPAN we use technology, reporting, and oversight to manage every facet of our business.

End to End Accountability

We believe in offering turnkey investment opportunities.  SPAN’s leadership team oversees each project in our portfolio from end to end: from site selection, to award winning hospitality management.

Continual Growth and Improvement

We believe that excellence demands continuous growth. Our passion for hospitality and real estate development means that we are always working to improve our processes to deliver the greatest value to our investors.


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